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Approval for the Police Department Records Section to purchase a Sharp MX-5070N networked digital color copier using State Contract No. ADSPO16-114982 pricing in the amount of $10,031.57 from Sharp Business Systems, to include a monthly service option (City Contract No. 2017-199)




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Recommended Action: MOVE to approve City Contract No. 2017-199.


Item Summary


Purchase of a Sharp MX-5070N Networked Digital Color Copier from Sharp Business Systems using State Contract ADSPO16-114982 in the amount of $10, 031.57, which includes monthly service and supplies.  This will replace the current copier which is outdated technology, is very slow and often out of service for repairs.




The current high capacity color copier located in the Records Section of the Police Department is well over six years old and has produced well over one million copies.  This copier is used for regular everyday public records requests, insurance requests, 3511 hearing paperwork, alarm paperwork, sex offender notifications, various bulk size Investigation Section reports for trials as well as copies for various Department pamphlets and brochures.  This copier is used by the majority of the Department as it is the only high capacity copier in the building.  It is an essential piece of office equipment which is utilized on a daily basis and needed for not only employees but individuals who request copies of reports under the Freedom of Information Act.  The current copier in the Records Section is over six years old, outdated technology, and performing at a slow pace or not working at all, which causes serious delays in our ability to handle the day-to-day workload. 


This new copier will increase efficiency in the processing of the high volume of paperwork that is generated in the Records Section which will allow for the fulfillment of the many requests for records that are presented on a daily basis.  Without this copier our ability to provide those requests to the public in a timely manner, is seriously hampered, and affects our service to our customers.


Financial Impact


As part of the Fiscal Year 2017 budget process the Police Department submit a request to replace the copier in our Records Section through a Capital Project Request of $20,000.00.  This request was approved by Council and funded fully in the Records Section budget.  The actual amount to purchase the new copier is significantly less than the approved amount.  There will be a monthly service and supplies charge of $95.00 for the life of the copier. This purchase will be funded through the normal budget process each year. 

Meeting History

Dec 13, 2016 3:00 PM Video City Council Voting Meeting
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