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Award of City Contract No. 2017-195 to Metering Services, Inc., Tempe, Arizona to provide meter testing and repair services for water meters, 3-inch and larger in the amount of $30,000.00


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Recommended Action: MOVE to award City Contract No. 2017-195.


Item Summary


This item is to award a two (2) year contract to Metering Services, Inc. for testing and repair of 3-inch and larger water meters, utilizing a City of Tempe competitively-bid contract. 




All commercial meters, 3-inch and larger, are tested annually by a third party vendor.  Annual testing is required to assure compliance with the American Water Works Association standards for low, medium, and high flow measurements.  Continuance of the meter testing and repair program will ensure that the City’s commercial customers receive accurate billing for their water consumption.


Financial Impact


The City of Tempe awarded a contract to Metering Services, Inc., Tempe, Arizona. The Tempe Contract, No. WUD14-151-01, contains a “cooperative use of contract” by other agencies. The City of Prescott has received confirmation from the City of Tempe that the contract is in effect and the vendor has been responsive in fulfilling the terms and conditions of the contract.  Funding for the contract is included in the Water Fund.

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