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Approval of the City of Prescott's 2017 Legislative Agenda


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Recommended Action: MOVE to approve the City of Prescott’s 2017 Legislative Agenda.


Item Summary


This item is to discuss, and confirm the Council's support for policy objectives to guide City activity pertaining to the 2017 State of Arizona Legislative Session. 




Formulation of a legislative agenda for the City is intended to focus our efforts at the Capitol, communicating to the District 1 Legislative Delegation and the City’s contractor for lobbying services, the City's goals and interests for the upcoming session.  Speaking with a uniform voice will provide a superior platform for well-developed input and responses to legislation.   Time is often critical in being able to influence the outcome of decisions, and a clear agenda will enable the City to respond quickly and consistently throughout the session.  This document will work in tandem with the League of Arizona Cities and Towns Municipal Policy Statement, created each year with input from the 91 cities and towns across the state.  

Once finalized, Prescott’s legislative agenda will be provided to our legislators to seek their support for the goals, policies, and actions set forth therein, and to inform and equip them with information regarding issues important to Prescott. 

The proposed legislative agenda is meant to be somewhat broad in providing overall direction to protect the City’s interests in local control and revenue generation, and focus on several key areas of known potential legislative impact.  In addition to the items listed in the agenda, regular updates at City Council Sessions are anticipated, at which time revisions and updates to strategy based on developments at the Legislature will take place.  This process will provide agility to be responsive and effective during the session.




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