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Approval of Purchase of One (1) Ea. 2018 Weiler P385A from Empire CAT Using City of Tucson Contract No. 120377 Pricing, in the Total Amount of $203,124.43 (City Contract No. 2018-054). Funding is available in the Street Maintenance Fund.


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Recommended Action: MOVE to approve City Contract No. 2018-054 with Empire CAT in the total amount of $203,124.43.


Item Summary


The Fleet Services Division working in conjunction with the Street Maintenance Division, is requesting permission to purchase a 2018 Weiler P385A paver. The paver will replace asset No. 906, and will be purchased from Empire CAT, Prescott, Arizona, using City of Tucson Contract No. 120377 pricing.




The Street Maintenance Division utilizes a paver to repair failing portions of roadway, replace damaged or removed asphalt due to utility repairs, build or repave City-owned parking lots, pave dirt roads, and repair or replace mill-paved roads.


Asset No. 906 a 1999 Leeboy 8000-C paver is being replaced due to severe damage to the flight deck, wear plates, hub motor, tracks, drive wheels, and main screed plate. Fleet Services requested a quote from an authorized vendor in Phoenix for repairs. The repair estimate before tear down was $29,870.00, which far exceeds the value of the 1999 Leeboy paver.


Additionally the Street Maintenance Division looked into the rental of a paver.  The only local company that offers a paver of similar size to rent is Road Machinery.  The paver is only available for rent by the month at a rate of $6,000.00 per month for a 6-month term. The rental costs would exceed the purchase price in 28 months. Fleet Services and Streets Maintenance Division determined that replacing the paver would be in the City’s best interest.


The asset replacement was reviewed and approved by the fleet asset review board (FARB) for FY18. Vehicle replacement considerations included the costs for repairs far exceeding the vehicles value; and that the vehicle is vital to daily operations of the Street Maintenance Division.



Financial Impact


Funding of $203,124.43 is available in the FY18 Street Maintenance Fund.


Meeting History

Sep 12, 2017 3:00 PM Video City Council Voting Meeting
draft Draft

Mr. Carr presented the purchase of one Weiler P385A from Empire CAT. He said the paver was used to for failing portions of roadways. The 1999 paver they are replacing would have cost $30,000 for repairs which far exceeded the replacement of the vehicle. They did look into renting a paver and the cost would have far exceeded a purchase of a new paver. It had been reviewed and approved by the Fleet review board to be replaced.

Mayor Oberg asked how long the other one was in operation.

Mr. Carr said since 1999, and the new one, if approved, would last for 15 to 20 years deepening on the rate of use and maintenance. Mayor Oberg said it was better to purchase it then renting, do they pay for the maintenance. Mr. Carr said not always, with rental of heavy equipment they do hold them accountable for repairs for damage of the equipment and it could far exceed the $30,000 for repairs.

Mayor Pro Tem Lamerson said he noticed they were paying for the equipment out of the street funds and the ballot language from the street fund did not limit the expenditures for building of streets it also included maintenance and that were what qualified them spending money out of the road tax. Mr. Carr replied correct. Mayor Pro Tem Lamerson said if ballot language was written correct they could do this.

MOVER:Greg Lazzell, Councilman
SECONDER:Billie Orr, Councilwoman
AYES:Harry Oberg, Jim Lamerson, Steve Blair, Greg Lazzell, Billie Orr, Steve Sischka, Jean Wilcox