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Adoption of Ordinance No. 2018-1619 approving a right-of-way easement to Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) for electrical infrastructure improvements to avoid conflicts with future utilities. There is no cost to the City for the granting of this easement.


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Recommended Action: MOVE to adopt Ordinance No. 2018-1619.


Item Summary


This item is to grant a right-of-way (ROW) easement to Arizona Public Service Company, for electrical infrastructure improvements.




APS has made a request to the City of Prescott for a ROW easement near the Willow Lake Road curve, which will allow for upgrading the current power lines to 69Kv.


In January 2018, the City Council approved the granting of an ingress-egress easement and a ROW easement along Willow Lake Road, for the APS project.  While potholing for existing utility locations, APS discovered that other underground public utilities are located in the easement areaAs a result, City staff and APS have worked together to determine an alternate location, which will not interfere with existing and future utilities. The poles will be relocated approximately 30 feet further away from Willow Lake Road than originally proposed.  This new ROW easement will be within the previously approved ingress egress easement and ROW areas.


With the granting of this easement, APS will have acquired all necessary right-of-way for their 69Kv line upgrade project.


Financial Impact


There is no cost to the City for the granting of this easement.



Meeting History

Jun 12, 2018 3:00 PM Video City Council Voting Meeting
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MOVER:Steve Sischka, Councilman
SECONDER:Jim Lamerson, Councilman
AYES:Greg Mengarelli, Billie Orr, Steve Blair, Phil Goode, Jim Lamerson, Alexa Scholl, Steve Sischka