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Presentation by Public Works on 2018 Capital Projects.


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Public Works will present a summary of Capital Improvement Projects completed in 2018.


Meeting History

Jan 22, 2019 1:00 PM  City Council Study Session Meeting
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Public Works Director Craig Dotseth provided a presentation to Council regarding an update of 2018 capital projects.

Projects Completed in 2018:

*Completed 29 Capital Improvement Projects

*Total awarded amount of projects completed was just over $38 million

*Total expenditures on completed projects was approximately $2.8 million less than the contracts awarded at about $35.1 million

*Completed 4 job order contracting projects totaling nearly $500,000

*18 Design projects were awarded in 2018 of which 6 were completed and started construction within the year

Construction Services Administrator Tim Sherwood continued the presentation with a review of the roadway reconstruction projects from 2018.

2018 Roadway Projects:

Total Expenditures - $11,750.000

*Samaritan Way

*Hassayampa Village Lane

*North Washington & Churchill

*Rosser St.

*SR89 Widening & Roundabout Project

*Bashford Court Alley

*Willis and Cortez Intersection

*Home Street

*Dameron Street

2018 Drainage Improvement Projects:

Total Expenditures - $940,000

*Drainage Bid Packet #1-Goldenrod Spillway

*West Yavapai Guidance Clinic

*Rosser Street Detention

*Alarcon Street Drainage Improvements

Mr. Dotseth continued the presentation with an overview of 2018 Utility projects.

2018 Water Production Projects:

Total Expenditures - $8,400,000

*Zone 57/76 Pump Station

*Zone 2 Interconnect Pump Station

*Chino Production Well No.5

2018 Water Distribution Capital Projects:

Total Expenditures - $3,500,000

*Small Water Mains Phase 3

2018 Water Production Capital Projects:

*Chino 5MG Tank

2018 Wastewater Projects:

Total Expenditures - $4,900,000

*Sundog Trunk Main Phase A

*Sundog Lift Station

*Mingus/Douglas Lift Station Abandonment's

Mr. Sherwood took over to review the Pavement Preservation and Rehabilitation Projects.

2018 Projects:

Total Expenditures - $6,235,000

*Pavement Preservation Program

*Pavement Rehabilitation Program

*Sidewalk Improvement Program

*Gail Gardner Pavement Rehabilitation

*Sarafina Sidewalk Replacement

*Willow Creek Road Pavement

*Virginia Street Pavement Rehabilitation

Mr. Dotseth said that the same number of projects were completed last year as in 2016 and 2017 combined.

Mayor Mengarelli, Mayor Pro Tem Orr and Councilman Goode commended staff on their hard work and successful completion of projects.