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Presentation by Public Works on the Annual Water Withdrawal and Use Report


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Several annual reports for Calendar Year 2018, are required to be submitted to the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) by March 31st.  These include the Annual Withdrawal and Use Report, Assured Water Supply Provider Supplement, Recovery Well Reports, and Underground Water Storage Report.


Water users, like the City, who pump groundwater from non-exempt wells in Active Management Areas must report withdrawals annually to ADWR. This information enables the agency to determine how much and where water is being used.  Users are also required to pay annual fees for groundwater withdrawal and recovery of long-term storage credits.  The fees are used to offset the cost of managing these resources, and to fund augmentation projects and conservation efforts.  The 2018 fees paid by the City of Prescott totaled $10,300.34.



Meeting History

May 14, 2019 1:00 PM Video City Council Study Session Meeting
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Water Resources Manager Leslie Graser provided a presentation to Council regarding the state required 2018 annual report for water withdrawal and use summary.

*Total Water Pumped 6,763.75 Acre Feet

*Total Water Recharged 3,172.91 Acre Feet

*Total Water Use by Customers 6,220.32 Acre Feet

Councilman Blair inquired as to why only a certain amount of water coming off of Watson & Willow Lake is able to be recharged.

Ms. Graser responded that it is because of state mandates, and confirmed that we are only able to take off 4800 acre feet, find balance between needed water and recreation needs. Surface water rights are only to a certain volume. She then continued to review the information contained in the 2018 annual report and discussed various charts which calculated:

*Population Served & Pumping

*City's Gallons Per Capita per Day

*Total Recharge

*2018 Total Water Use by Customer Type

Councilman Blair asked what our annual average recharge is.

Mayor Mengarelli asked where these numbers come from, and commented on how this information too confirms that population growth and water use are discoupled.

Ms. Graser discussed that public works collects data throughout the year and they are reviewed annually. She also confirmed that we pump

Councilman Lamerson commended staff and residents on making changes that have significantly impacted conservation.