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Adoption of the City of Prescott Emergency Operations Plan.




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Recommended Action: MOVE to adopt Resolution No. 2019-1665.


Item Summary


The City of Prescott Emergency Operations plan requires formalized adoption by the local governing political subdivision and outlines authority and delineates responsibilities for meeting Emergency Management needs.




The City of Prescott Emergency Operations Plan (COPEOP) is coordinated with the State of Arizona Emergency Response and Recovery Plan (SERRP) and sets forth the specific delegation of authority and delineates responsibilities of City of Prescott personnel and resources in the event of an emergency. The COPEOP meets the requirements set forth in accordance with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Comprehensive Planning Guide (CPG-101), Arizona Revised Statutes Title 26, Military Affairs and Emergency Management, Chapter 2, Emergency Management, Article 1 General Provisions, and Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) § 26-308, Powers of local government; local emergency management establishment; organization, Paragraph D, which reads:


“State emergency plans shall be in effect in each such political subdivision of the state. The governing body of each such political subdivision shall take such action as is necessary to carry out the provisions thereof, including the development of additional emergency plans for the political subdivision in support of the state emergency plans.”


City of Prescott in cooperation with the Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management has prepared the COPEOP to provide a framework for the allocation of resources for the benefit of the City of Prescott and its civilian population in an emergency response.


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Meeting History

May 28, 2019 3:00 PM Video City Council Voting Meeting
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MOVER:Alexa Scholl, Councilwoman
SECONDER:Steve Sischka, Councilman
AYES:Greg Mengarelli, Billie Orr, Steve Blair, Phil Goode, Jim Lamerson, Alexa Scholl, Steve Sischka