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Approval of Granite Dells Estates Phases 3 through 5 amendment of Master Plan, General Plan Land Use Map, Rezoning, and revised Preliminary Plat.


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Recommended Action: By separate actions: 1) MOVE to approve Master Plan Amendment MPA19-001; 2) MOVE to approve General Plan Amendment GNP19-001; 3) MOVE to approve Zoning Map Amendment PLN19-011; and 4) MOVE to approve Preliminary Plat PLN19-016.


Item Summary


The proposed Granite Dells Estates Master Plan Amendment, with associated entitlements, affects APNs 103-04-009G, 103-04-030A, 103-04-001Y, and 103-04-009E, which is roughly located in the northeast portion of Prescott, in the area of Granite Dells Parkway. The property owner (Granite Dells Estates Properties I & II, Inc.) is proposing:


1)      Master Plan Amendment to Granite Dells Estates Phases 3, 4, and 5, as a Planned Area Development (PAD) encompassing four parcels (MPA19-001);


2)      General Plan Amendment amending the General Plan Land Use Designations, for portions of parcels, from Very Low Density Residential to Low-Medium Density Residential (GNP19-001);


3)      Zoning Map Amendment (Rezoning) for the four parcels, with rezoning of portions of parcels from R-2 Acre and SF-35 to SF-9 (PLN19-011);


4)     Subdivision Preliminary Plat for 695 single-family lots in Master Plan PAD Phases 3, 4, and 5, on 538 acres, with lot sizes ranging from 7,800 to 76,202 square feet (PLN19-016).




In 2007, Granite Dells Estates was the first Proposition 400 annexation. The project consisted of a residential, commercial and industrial subdivision totaling 1142 acres located south of the airport and Highway 89A. The project included a rezoning, preliminary plat and a master plan approval.


The Master Plan was amended in 2017. Development of Granite Dells Estates Phases 1 and 2, located in the northern portion of the Master Plan area, is in progress.


Proposal Summary


The proposed Master Plan Amendment requires a General Plan Amendment and Zoning Map Amendment to allow the proposed SF-9 zoning and associated housing density, and a subdivision Preliminary Plat. The proposed Master Plan changes from the previously approved Master Plan affect the areas in the southern portion, Phases 3, 4, and 5.


Overview of the proposal:


·         Total Master Plan area is 1,095 acres. Proposed Zoning Map Amendment, General Plan Amendment, and Preliminary Plat (Master Plan Phases 3, 4, 5) area encompasses 538.18 acres

·         Shifting the previously proposed housing from the eastern-most portion of the Master Plan area to the west, leaving the eastern portion (239 acres) undeveloped at this time

·         Clustering higher density residential on the western portion of the Master Plan area

·         251 acres (46.7%) open space in Phases 3-5, with 39.3% (336 acres) cumulative open space for all Phases

·         Total proposed Master Plan units:  1,384 for all Phases (1-5) and 695 for Phases 3-5, compared to previously approved units: 1,456 total

·         Lots range in size from 7,800 square feet to one acre or more

·         Changing the interior and connective circulation by creating cul-de-sacs where previously roadways were proposed east, resulting in sole ingress/egress to the Master Planned area from east-west roads, Granite Dells Parkway and Dells Ranch Road, to the north


Master Plan Amendment


The proposal includes lot sizes less than 9,000 square feet, with 190 of the 695 lots in Phases 3 and 4 consisting of 7,800 square feet each. The amended Master Plan proposes leaving the easternmost portion of the area (262 acres) unsubdivided, whereas, the previously approved Master Plan included subdivision of that area. The areas identified in the current proposal as Phases 3 and 5 are higher density, smaller lots than previously approved for that area.


General Plan Amendment


Staff determined that the proposed General Plan Amendment does not meet the threshold (acreage and number of built residential units within a quarter mile radius of the periphery of the subject lots) to constitute a Major Plan Amendment, per Section 13 of the Prescott General Plan. The area proposed for Zoning Map Amendment and General Plan Amendment (Phases 3-5) has an area of 538 acres and there are only 50 built residences within a quarter mile radius.


Zoning Map Amendment


Phases 3, 4, and 5 of the proposed Master Plan Amendment are located within zoning districts RE-2 Acre, SF-35, MF-M, SF-9, BG. The proposed density with rezoning to SF-9 allows 4.4 dwelling units per acre with the proposed PAD, which is the density that would allow for the proposed number of lots shown on the associated plat.


Revised Preliminary Plat


The proposed revision of the preliminary plat would reduce lot sizes in conformance with the proposed rezoning to SF-9. The remaining Phases 3, 4 and 5 will be final platted as Planned Area Developments (PAD), as needed, to accommodate any reduced lot sizes and/or lesser setbacks below those set out for the SF-9 zoning district.


Planning and Zoning Commission


The Commission reviewed these requests at their public hearing of June 13, 2019. The commission discussed all aspects of the proposal and took public comment from several attendees.


Staff brought to the Commissions attention the potential for a design change to provide additional eastern roadway stubs into the proposed unsubdivided 239 acres to the east. The Planning and Zoning Commission discussed this option with the representative of the developer and concluded that sufficient opportunity for future connectivity was provided by the proposed plat.


The Commission recommended approval of the Master Plan amendment, the General Plan amendment, the rezoning, and the revised preliminary plat 5-0 (Commissioners Marshall and Nanke were absent).


Water Resources


The unit count of the Master Plan will fall under the allocation in City Contract No.’s 2008-165, 2008-165A1, and 2008-165A2. Future platting in the unsubdivided area will be subject to the current water allocation policy at the time of submittal.


Meeting History

Jul 9, 2019 3:02 PM  City Council Voting Meeting
draft Draft

Planning Manager George Worley provided a presentation to Council regarding the Granite Dells Estates Phase 3 through 5, off of Highway 89A. In working through Phases 1 and 2 the developer has requested changes for future phases to include smaller homes and smaller lots based on market demand. This would require a change to the master plan in order to change the layout of the lots that were previously proposed making them smaller and leaving an unsubdivided tract with no development and would lead to a reduction in the number of overall lots by about 40 from original master plan. In addition to amending the master plan, this change would require updates to the general plan and zoning and preliminary plat so all are in conformance. Planning & Zoning Commission has reviewed and approved unanimously in favor of these changes.

Councilman Blair said that he thinks it is a good idea to look at what the market is doing, however, he asked if when we change the master plan and reduce the size of the project does that unsubdivided tract have to come back to Council for review in the future for water.

Mr. Worley confirmed.

Councilman Goode said that he sees this change as creating an opportunity to develop many more homes in a smaller land mass in the future, as increasing open space and carving out a total 239 acres makes it seem there is a path to development by this or another developer which will contribute to more traffic on 89A and westward. He also noted that there are a number of areas with only single ingress and egress which is a problem in an emergency situation and doesn't that then require sprinkling. He said he doesn’t see real justification to increase density without taking traffic and other impacts being taken into consideration as well.

Mr. Worley said that yes it would likely require the homes be sprinklered and that cost depends on size of the home and where they are in relation to a fire department, but typically approximately $10,000 for 2000 square feet.

Mayor Mengarelli asked what the open space is on this project.

Mr. Worley said that it is approximately 35%

Councilman Sischka asked for confirmation that this change would mean less lots and homes, and he asked if Planning & Zoning expressed any concerns regarding the one way in one way out issue.

Mr. Worley confirmed that yes this change would amount to approximately 40 less lots, and stated that any development of the newly added unsubdivided tract would require full development review including all necessary approval steps before density would increase. He also said that the original master plan proposed for future connectors and that is not uncommon.

Mayor Pro Tem Orr asked for confirmation that these changes were unanimously approved by Planning & Zoning.

Mr. Worley said that is correct, he commented that they were concerned about future additional density and the street connectors, but the developers representative and engineer pointed out that future street connectivity is available and accommodation have been made which was sufficient for them to address that concern and then did all respond unanimously.

MOVER:Steve Sischka, Councilman
SECONDER:Billie Orr, Mayor Pro Tem
AYES:Greg Mengarelli, Billie Orr, Steve Blair, Jim Lamerson, Alexa Scholl, Steve Sischka
NAYS:Phil Goode