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Revised Preliminary Plat (PLN19-010) of Antelope Crossings subdivision extending the boundary of the subdivision and adding 42 lots to Phases 4 and 5. Owner is Chamberlain Development, LLC and approving City Contract No. 2020-005 (WSA 19-008).


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Recommended Action: MOVE to approve PLN19-010, a revised preliminary plat for Antelope Crossings subdivision.  MOVE to approve City Contract No. 2020-005 (Water Service Agreement Application No. 19-008).



Item Summary


This is a request to revise the approved preliminary plat to extend the subdivision boundaries and to create 41 additional residential lots, for a total of 122 in the two phases, plus 1 commercial lot. The existing, and the proposed additional land to be incorporated are within the Deep Well Ranch Master Plan area. The Master Plan provides maximum numbers of residential units and maximum commercial square footages for the overall development area. There are no longer individual commercial or residential zoned areas, as in traditional zoning. This change does not decrease or increase the potential location or sizes of commercial development within the Deep Well Ranch Master Plan area.




The current preliminary plat was approved prior to the adoption of the Deep Well Ranch Master Plan, but was included in that plan during its later creation. The area has been designated as Land Use Group (LUG) V, Village, by the owner’s land planners. The LUG V is an urban residential group with smaller lots (roughly 1,000 square feet) and lesser building setbacks. This LUG requires front setbacks of as little as 10 feet (20 feet to the garage door). City planning staff has determined that the proposed plat revision complies with the general requirements of the designated LUG.


The current plat was recorded in 2018 with a total of 255 residential lots established in 5 phases. A large un-subdivided parcel to the north of the original boundary of phases 4 and 5 was to be developed for commercial, residential or a mix of uses. A large un-subdivided parcel to the north of the original boundary of phases 4 and 5 was to be developed for commercial uses. As a result of limited access options from Willow Creek Road and from SR89 near the roundabout, it is the owners desire to incorporate that area into the subdivision for home construction instead. One commercial tract is to be created by this revision fronting and having access on SR 89, designated as “Tract M” on the plat. Additional large commercial areas are provided for under the master plan. Attachment 2 displays the current lot layout in green and the proposed new in black.


The revised plat extends Harvest Moon Avenue to the north to provide access to the added lots. A second access street called Indigo Trail, to the east, provides for vehicular circulation and emergency access throughout the new layout of phases 4 and 5. The revised preliminary plat maintains the three previously approved intersections on Willow Creek Road. No new exterior connections to Willow Creek Road or SR 89 are created by this revision.


Trail connectivity to the east and west has been generally laid out. Final trail alignments will be worked out with the Recreation Services Department at the time of trail construction.


Utility infrastructure will extend out of the utility network previously designed, and partially constructed. A revised water service agreement will accompany this revision to the City Council.


Water Service Agreement


On May 7, 2019, the City Council Subcommittee for Water Issues made recommendation for this amended project identified as Water Service Agreement Application No. 19-008.  Water supply in the amount of 59.2 acre-feet is available for the project from the Deep Well Ranch Reservation documented in City Contract No. 2010-086 (Procedural Pre-Annexation Agreement Deep Well Ranches #1 and #2). 


Planning and Zoning Commission action


The Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed this application at its July 18, 2019 meeting. The Commissioners discussed the changes to the lot arrangement and the three points of vehicular access to Willow Creek Road. No concerns were expressed about the internal aspects of the revised plat nor the addition of 41 lots.


The Commission’s discussion then focused on the current alignment of Willow Creek Road. Specifically, they discussed and agreed that all Commissioners had concerns for the safety of the curve immediately north of Antelope Crossings. Several of the Commissioners expressed strong reluctance to recommend a modification that would add 41 residential lots to the existing Antelope Crossings subdivision adding additional traffic and an intersection in such close proximity to the curve. The Commissioners requested planning staff forward the Commission’s concerns to the Public Works Department with a request for the design to be re-evaluated, and potentially, for roadway changes to be made to improve the safety of the roadway. Planning staff forwarded the Commission’s concerns to the Public Works Department following the conclusion of the meeting. Attachment 3 is an aerial photo of the Willow Creek Road curve.


The Public Works Department will provide Council with information relating to this matter during the staff presentation on this agenda item.


As a result of the Commissioners concerns, the first motion to recommend approval of the revised plat failed 2-4. After further discussion, a second motion was made to recommend approval of the revised preliminary plat, with the additional recommendation to staff and Council that a study be done on the Willow Creek Road alignment at the curve. Upon vote, the motion failed 3-3 (Commissioners Lee, Marshall and Roop opposing). With the tie vote, this project has been forwarded to City Council without a positive recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission.



Meeting History

Sep 10, 2019 3:00 PM  City Council Voting Meeting
draft Draft

Planning Director George Worley provided a presentation to Council regarding the revised preliminary plat for Antelope Crossings, the initial plat was approved several years ago. He stated that the section of the plat being amended for Phases 4 and 5 would remove properties that were originally laid out for commercial development and add open space and residential use to the subdivision. Mr. Worley reviewed the plat which was initially approved and showed how the amendment will realign several streets and add approximately 40 lots.

There have been issues with access off of Willow Creek Road and Highway 89 and this has come up during the review process particularly the curve onto Deep Well Ranch and it would present a problem having commercial space in that area. The road alignment in that section has come up multiple times with Planning & Zoning Commission review of the subdivision, and removing commercial development in that area would make it possible for the road issues to be alleviated through realignment. Planning & Zoning Commission has split vote on this amendment so it has come before Council.

Councilman Blair asked for confirmation from staff that the plat is for a larger area outside of the subdivision and that there are currently already two access points to the development.

Mr. Worley confirmed, and stated that with the amendment there will be an additional access point added as well.

Councilman Sischka asked if the master plan community has a maximum number of residential units allowed.

Mr. Worley stated that this particular one does and it also has a requirement for commercial square footage, he reiterated that the amendment and addition of these residential lots will not exceed what was originally adopted by Council.

Councilman Lamerson commented that having attending the Planning & Zoning Commission Meetings there is a major issue with the road that is causing concern for the commissioners but they are not making decisions based on that which is why they are splitting on what to approve. He stated that the health and safety risk presented by the road curvature needs to be adequately addressed by the Council.

Mr. Worley agreed with Councilman Lamerson that this has been an area of concern for some time. He stated that City staff has been contemplating adjustments and possibilities to remedy the situation and that Public Works is present to discuss that today.

City Manager Michael Lamar said that the Planning & Zoning Commission has not received further details on the road realignment because those issues were further addressed after they voted on this amendment.

Mayor Pro Tem Orr asked for confirmation that we are not completely doing away with the commercial use space, but rather shifting it to a different area in the master plan.

Mr. Worley confirmed.

Councilman Lamerson stated that the reason we have Boards & Commissions is to make recommendations to Council and asked why this wasn't returned to Planning & Zoning for them to make a vote and ensure they are comfortable with the changes.

Mr. Worley stated that the Planning & Zoning Commission is looking at the modifications within the boundaries of the subdivision which they were in favor of, however, the concerns with the road alignment continued to come up sop they were not able to come to a consensus.

Public Works Director Craig Dotseth addressed Council regarding potential changes to the structure of the road and included background regarding development of that road 10 years ago when additional roadway was being considered and Willow Creek would have been an internal road. As that has changed there are issues with the alignment of the road. Staff has been in discussions with developer regarding the issues with the curve and potential solutions. They would like to expand Willow Creek Road to 4 lanes with new revisions to the plat allowing for such expansion and a design team is working on modifying the curve based on that. These modifications will allow the curve to be corrected to more appropriate radius and 4 lanes in that area. He reiterated that the developer is willing to work with the City to trade necessary right of way which will make the project much easier to complete and reduce costs.

Councilman Lamerson commented that the curve is dangerous and needs to be addressed.

Councilman Sischka asked how the curve will be impacted by changes to the plat.

Mr. Dotseth stated that the radius will be changed to a more appropriate curvature, and commented that there will not be a roundabout at that location, the adjustment to the plat allows for these changes because the original plat would have conflicted with their ability to make the corrections.

Councilman Goode echoed Councilman Lamerson’s comments regarding the safety issues stemming from the curve, he stated that his is concerned that we are reviewing a draft of potential changes to the roadway and that the Planning & Zoning Commission has not approved the modifications to the plat. It is premature until we have a firm understanding of what the design is going to mitigate the safety issue, we need to be more deliberate and make sure we have plan that has been reviewed and approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission.

Mayor Pro Tem Orr asked what the timeline would be for the design and completion of the road and when homes would go in.

Mr. Dotseth stated that design could be completed by February or March and construction would begin thereafter. It would be best if we were working with the developer on the road realignment as it would make the entire process much easier.

Developer Vick Chapman with Chamberlain Development addressed Council regarding the original plat and the proposed changes to the plat. He stated that at the time the two access points that already exist are sufficient for the subdivision and they are not requesting the additional access point where the road needs to be redone until Phase 5 goes in. They anticipate Phase 4 opening in approximately six months and would then begin moving forward with Phase 5.

Councilman Blair asked about the overall density of the current phases and how many homes are serviced by the existing access points, he stated that access for emergency and medical vehicles already exists so that is not a concern.

Mr. Chapman confirmed there is ample access for emergency and medical vehicles and that the two access points service approximately 200-300 homes.

Mayor Pro Tem Orr asked if we could require that Phase 5 not move forward until the road issues are fixed as that access point is not needed yet.

Staff and the developer confirmed.

Council consensus regarding approval of the amended plat be contingent upon Phase 5 not moving forward until the road is realigned and the issues are resolved.

Mr. Chapman stated that the developer is fine with that.

Councilwoman Scholl asked how Council would be able to confirm that Phase 5 does not move forward until the road issues are addressed.

Mr. Worley reminded Council that the final plat does have to come back to Council for approval so that would be there way of ensuring Phase 5 does not move forward until the road issues are corrected.

Mr. Chapman commented that the developer has been working with staff and will continue to do so to ensure that the road alignment issues are fixed.

Mr. Dotseth reiterated that if the amended plat is not approved, the original plat would preclude them from being able to address the road issues so that needs to happen first.

Mayor Mengarelli commented that today's approval would be for the amendment to the plat and that Phase 5 would not be approved to move forward until the road is addressed.

Councilman Goode stated that under those conditions he is in favor of approval of this item.

MOVER:Steve Sischka, Councilman
SECONDER:Jim Lamerson, Councilman
AYES:Greg Mengarelli, Billie Orr, Steve Blair, Phil Goode, Jim Lamerson, Alexa Scholl, Steve Sischka