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This discussion is to update the Council on efforts being taken by the Neighborhood Services Division to proactively share information regarding sidewalk maintenance issues. Sidewalks adjacent to private property are supposed to be cleaned of debris, cinders, weeds, etc. by the private property owner.


The plan includes several items:

·         Public Outreach: send two mailers per year just before peak problem times (May and November) in the utility bills to remind citizens of this responsibility as well as mailers to businesses in specific commercial corridors, such as those on major roads entering the City.


·         Update the Neighborhood Services page on the City website with more detailed information regarding sidewalk maintenance. Include this information in social media posts during peak problem times of the year


·         Release public service announcement through a radio ad explaining this initiative


·         Seek to incorporate weed removal on sidewalks as part of neighborhood cleanups


The next Neighborhood Cleanup is scheduled to take place on November 2nd. A map of the planned area will provided at the meeting.





Meeting History

Oct 8, 2019 1:00 PM  City Council Study Session Meeting
draft Draft

Assistant to the City Manager Tyler Goodman provided a presentation to Council regarding updates on Neighborhood Services Division including neighborhood cleanups, addition of news bins and a proposed new initiative.

Neighborhood Cleanups:

* Three over the last year and a half - July 2018, November 2018, & May 2019

* Over 100 volunteers have participated

* 25 tons of trash have been collected

* Next will be on Nov. 2nd with staging at Rodeo Grounds and covering Gail Gardener to Gurley and Miller Valley Road

News Bins:

* Implementation began 1st week of July

* All who have requested bin space have been accommodated

* Five locations

- Three on Gurley Street

- One in front of the Post Office on Goodwin Street

- One on Willis Street & Cortez Street

Initiative on Sidewalk Care:

* Background - sidewalk care is often neglected leading to weed overgrowth, snow & ice, other trash or debris being left on sidewalk

* Sidewalk Next to Private Property is the responsibility of the property owner

- This includes removal of trash, weeds, snow, ice and other debris

- City Code Section 8-1-2(A)

* The Goal - promote personal care and commitment regarding sidewalks and the focus will be in spring and fall

- Public Outreach with utility bill inserts

- Information targeted to business owners in high-volume corridors

- Website and social media

- Radio PSA

- Include sidewalk cleaning during neighborhood cleanups

Councilman Blair commented that he does not like the Ordinance regarding sidewalks and feels that because the sidewalks are owned by the city and not the property owner they should be the city's responsibility.

Councilman Goode thanked staff for brining this Project forward and for the work they have been doing over the last year and a half. He commented that the Ordinance needs to be enforced if we are going to enact it and code enforcement has been doing a good job with that. There has been a positive response particularly with the news bins and he thinks that is a good thing.

Mayor Pro Tem Orr echoed Councilman Goode’s comments and discussed her participation in a neighborhood cleanup and how much pride in ownership she saw as a result of the public's participation. She commented that we should be reaching out to organizations like BigBrothers/BigSisters and the Boys & Girls Club for their participation as well.

Councilwoman Scholl thanked Mr. Goodman and staff for their hard work. She commented that residents may not be aware of the fact that the sidewalks are their responsibility and keeping them informed may help with issues of maintenance.

Councilman Lamerson echoed Councilwoman Scholl’s comments and stated that the city needs to be as responsible for it’s property as we expect our residents to be and set a good example.

Councilman Blair agreed that staff is doing a wonderful job and the neighborhood cleanups are a great example of that, but we have an overall arching responsibility to take care of the sidewalks because they are for public infrastructure and I think that is wrong.