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Award of City Contract No. 2020-075 to BuiltRite Manufacturing for the Purchase, Delivery and Installation of a Replacement Boom Crane for the Transfer Station in a Total Amount not to Exceed $322,848.50. Funding is available in the Solid Waste Fund.


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Recommended Action: MOVE to Award City Contract No. 2020-075.


Item Summary


This item is for the purchase and installation of a Boom Crane at the City Transfer Station Facility to replace the existing crane.




The Solid Waste Division of Public Works operates the Transfer Station, which is an essential function of providing trash and recycle services for City residents.  The crane serves to distribute and compact all material into the transfer trailers and is a vital piece of equipment to the operation of the facilityThe current Allied crane is 25 years old and exhibiting structural stress and fatigue.  Within the last year the Solid Waste Division has replaced the arm, repaired and rebuilt the base, re-fabricated the claw, and replaced the rams due to hydraulic leaks and failure of multiple hoses.  Currently the hydraulic pump is showing signs of failure by decreased speed of cylinders and an inability to develop full output when tamping loads into the trailers.


Bid Results


The City advertised for replacement of the Transfer Station Boom Crane on September 19, and September 25, 2019. One responsive bid was received that met the required specifications from BuiltRite Manufacturing in the amount of $322,848.50.


Financial Impact


Funding in the amount of $322,848.50, is available in FY20 from the Solid Waste Fund.  Replacement of the boom crane was included in the 2019 Solid Waste Rate Study.



Meeting History

Oct 8, 2019 3:00 PM  City Council Voting Meeting
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Solid Waste Superintendent Mollie Mangerich provided a presentation to Council regarding the replacement boom crane which is a critical piece to their operations on a daily basis to ensure that space on underground trailers is maximized while meeting ADEQ requirements. The current crane is 25 years old and is experiencing a lot of issues. She also corrected a typographical error that appeared in the Council Memo of the Agenda Packet and stated that the publication dates were August 19 and August 25, not September.

MOVER:Billie Orr, Mayor Pro Tem
SECONDER:Steve Sischka, Councilman
AYES:Greg Mengarelli, Billie Orr, Steve Blair, Phil Goode, Jim Lamerson, Alexa Scholl, Steve Sischka