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Adoption of Resolution 2019-1720, Approving a Sewer Service Reimbursement Agreement, District #93, for the Old Kettle Dr. Sewer Reimbursement District.


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Recommended Action: MOVE to adopt Resolution 2019-1720.


Item Summary


This item is to approve a Sewer Service Reimbursement District Agreement between William W. Watson and Stanley L. Moore and the City of Prescott, for the Old Kettle Drive sewer main line extension, which was completed by Mr. Watson and Mr. Moore in July 2019.  The Agreement provides for payment by other parties connecting to the main line in the future for their proportionate shares of the line cost.




William W. Watson and Stanley L. Moore installed approximately 1,521 LF of 8-inch sewer main and 5 manholes.


Mr. Watson and Mr. Moore are requesting formation of a reimbursement district in accordance with City Code 2-1-11, Utilities Division; Extension of Sewer Mains, to provide a means of partial recovery of the $113,580 cost of the main extension.  Approval of the attached Sewer Service Reimbursement Agreement District #93 would create the mechanism for recovery.  The basis for proportionate reimbursement as set forth by Attachments1 and 2” is an equitable division per connection.  The Agreement would remain in effect until Mr. Watson and Mr. Moore are reimbursed by other benefitting properties or fifteen (15) years, whichever comes first.


Financial Impact


There is no fiscal impact to any City fund.  Any reimbursements collected through Sewer Service Agreement District #93 would be remitted to William W. Watson and Stanley L. Moore.

Meeting History

Oct 8, 2019 3:00 PM  City Council Voting Meeting
draft Draft

This Item was removed from the Consent Agenda by Councilman Goode for further discussion.

Councilman Goode commented that upon review of the proposal to extend City sewer services to this development he went to look at the development and spoke with the county supervisor as well regarding the area. He asked what the potential liabilities would be for the city regarding this development and extending sewer services to it.

Public Works Director Craig Dotseth responded to Councilman Goode’s comments and concerns regarding the development. He stated that this development has not been “promoted” but rather individual property owners in the area purchased larger pieces of property and then subsequently began dividing them, and this is the second sewer improvement district in that area that individual property owners have requested to be added in. Unlike a large development, this is individual property owners who are making the requests and paying to extend the sewer and going through normal process of review & approval and then have district established so that if other properties come in and want to be added they would be charged and the property owners who fronted the money to begin the process would be reimbursed.

Mayor Mengarelli asked for confirmation that this does not have any bearing on CAFMA correct?

Mr. Dotseth stated that is correct, because the development already exists and the additional residences are there and were approved by the county emergency services would have been provided either way. But by extending sewer to the development we will get the recharge and avoid many properties adjacent to Willow Creek having septic systems and causing potential issues in the creek.

Councilman Goode stated that there are issues with access that concern him as well as the workmanship of the connection only being guaranteed through July 2021 and if failure of the sewer line happens after that time who would be responsible for the repairs.

Mr. Dotseth stated that after the warrantee period the city would be responsible under the wastewater agreements.

Councilman Sischka asked if the city will be inspecting the construction, and asked if this development would have proceeded even if we did not extend sewer to it.

Mr. Dotseth stated that yes, the construction has been inspected and confirmed that the development would have proceeded regardless of connection to city sewer, the properties were designed and approved by Yavapai County.

Mayor Pro Tem Orr commented that she knows people in the area who are pleased to see sewer connections going in and that she does not see a disadvantage to doing this as we would have the same responsibility related to emergency services due to CAFMA and we are now going to get recharge and reclaim where we would not have before. This is our goal and what we have been trying to accomplish.

Councilman Blair agreed and stated that he does not see a downside to this whatsoever. He asked if the infrastructure would be enough to accommodate Ho-Kay-Gan in the future if they decided to connect. He feels this would benefit the community greatly.

Mr. Dotseth confirmed that it could accommodate Ho-Kay-Gan in the future.

Councilman Goode asked about potential for flooding in this area.

Mr. Dotseth stated that the existing sewer is in flood plane down through the Willow Creek Channel, but that the new connection to the main will be well outside of that.

MOVER:Alexa Scholl, Councilwoman
SECONDER:Steve Sischka, Councilman
AYES:Greg Mengarelli, Billie Orr, Steve Blair, Phil Goode, Jim Lamerson, Alexa Scholl, Steve Sischka