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Update on the 2020 Census from Census Bureau Partnership Specialist Kimberley Robinson


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The 2020 United States decennial census activities have officially begun. The 1st quarter 2020 is identified as the “Educate and Motivate” phase. The City of Prescott has been actively participating in the regional “Complete Count Committee” (CCC) and has initiated a targeted public awareness campaign. The purpose of this agenda item is to briefly update the Mayor and Council on local activities, as well as introduce Census Bureau Partnership Specialist Kimberley Robinson, who will provide us with a statewide and national perspective on Census activities.





The Council will recall that Community Development kicked off the City’s Census activities back in August 2019, and a Proclamation was entered solidifying the City’s commitment to the garnering of a complete count of City of Prescott residents. The Proclamation included the federal government’s official tagline for Census 2020 activities, “Counting everyone once, only once, and in the right place.”


Community Development brought the Mayor and Council an update to the official Census kickoff in mid-January 2020, and will be providing similar updates once a month throughout the first quarter, outlining specific activities that elevate awareness of Census participation and its importance to the distribution of federal and state shared revenues.


Census Bureau Partnership Specialist Kimberley Robinson will share a brief presentation with the Council on Census activities at the state and federal level.




Meeting History

Feb 11, 2020 2:30 PM  City Council Study Session Meeting
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Community Development Director Bryn Stotler provided a brief presentation to Council regarding the upcoming census and ongoing work to get prepared, and introduced Kimberley Robinson from the State Census Bureau to provide a presentation.

Ms. Robinson discussed her position and function as a resource to the community to ensure they have everything necessary to have a successful 2020 Census. Information provided for the census is protected and statistical only and retained for a period of 72 years. She reminded Council and the public that there will be a total of five mailings send to citizens and if you have not completed the information by May 15th door to door contacts will begin. Data can be completed via mail or online. Visit for more information.

Ms. Robinson responded to questions from members of the public regarding the census process.

Councilman Sischka asked what the financial benefits are to an accurate census count.

Ms. Robinson stated that funding is allocated based on census numbers for things like roads, schools, title one programs, building & safety, assistance from programs like WIC, congressional seating and block funding so accurate counts are extremely important. She also reminded everyone that the census ends July 31, 2020.

Mayor Pro Tem Orr reiterated the importance of being counted so funding comes to our community.