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Recommended Action: This item is for presentation only. No formal action will be taken.



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This item is to discuss and determine the Council’s support for or opposition to various bills relative to the previously adopted policy objectives guiding City activity for the 2020 State of Arizona Legislative Session.



Meeting History

Feb 11, 2020 3:00 PM  City Council Voting Meeting
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Assistant to the City Manager Tyler Goodman provided a presentation to Council with an update on the ongoing Legislative Session. Over 1500 bills dropped to date, and the legislature has until February 21st to hear bills in their chamber of origins.

Review of Bills:

* HB2284 State Park Funding: has passed through committee

* SB1154 Short Term Rentals: impacts local control; this is not yet on an agenda

* HB2313 Fire Sprinklers in Existing Buildings: this is not a good bill but has passed through rules committee and will go to floor in the next week

* HB1459 Private Attorney Retention: would require municipalities to receive approval from AG's Office before entering into contingency fee arrangements with private attorneys; passed Senate judiciary committee

* SB1160 PSPRS Cancer Assumption: passed through rules committee; still trying to find out details regarding funding for this item but it will likely pass

* SB1280 PSPRS Expenditure Limitations: would allow for dollars being spent paying down liability to not go against city's expenditure limitation; has passed through finance committee

* HB2348 TPT/Residential Rentals: city couldn't levy a residential rental tax to more than 5%; passed ways & means committee

* There are two bills related to the Second Amendment (HB2093 and SB1164) which are not yet on any agendas

Mayor Pro Tem Orr asked what the Council or our lobbyist could do in order to convey that we are not in support of red flag laws.

Mr. Goodman stated that with Council's permission we could request that if either of the proposed bills make it onto an agenda we have Barry Aarons attend to speak on the city's behalf.

Interim City Attorney Matt Podracky confirmed that the lobbyist could be utilized for that purpose.

Councilman Goode asked for additional details regarding SB1164.

Mr. Goodman reiterated that the bill is still not on an agenda, but that Mr. Aarons could represent our interests in that if it begins to move forward.

Mayor Mengarelli asked that Mr. Goodman continue to keep Council updated on those types of bills right away if there are any changes.

This item was for presentation only, no formal action was taken.