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Approval of Water Service Agreement Application No. WSA20-001 by Alexander Lazar Representing Ocean Blue Willow Creek LLC, for Commercial Water Supplies on APNs 106-20-497 and 106-20-498.


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Recommended Action: MOVE to approve Water Service Agreement Application No. WSA20-001.


Item Summary


Water Service Agreement Application No. WSA20-001 was filed on January 21, 2020. The applicant is seeking water supplies for an express carwash.




City of Prescott Water Management Policy (WMP) adopted on November 19, 2019, includes a Water Connection Policy.  A water demand analysis was performed by a civil engineer at the applicant’s expense (Attachment 1) resulting in an Average Daily Usage of 15,800 gallons (17.7 acre-feet/year).


Further, the WMP sets forth a Water Application Procedure for Projects within City Limits requiring more than 2 AF/year.  The applicant has completed the following:


Contact Community Development for instructions on how to proceed

Attend Pre-Application Conference (PAC)


Submit all required applications

Complete the platting process, if required

Present the project to the Water Issues Subcommittee


City Council will consider the proposed project and water use



Meeting History

Feb 11, 2020 3:00 PM  City Council Voting Meeting
draft Draft

Water Services Administrator Leslie Graser provided a presentation to Council regarding the proposed Water Service Agreement Application for a new car wash location at the Willow Creek and Willow Lake intersection. Per new policy Council will vote on item after applicant has spoken to Development Review, PAC, submitted applications and demand analysis and gone through the Water Issues Subcommittee. She discussed the water recycling that takes place at these types of car washes and reiterated that Council is voting on the application and the water that is required for it.

Councilmember Rusing commented that her main concern is about the recycling aspect. She feels that car washes are a vital part of community because if a resident is washing their car in the driveway a lot of water is lost, but wants to confirm that staff was able to verify the apparatuses used for the recycling and what is used at the current car wash location on Iron Springs Road.

Ms. Graser commented that the engineer did exactly that on this application. She also stated that there was a leak at the Iron Springs location so the uses at the new location may end up even being less. There are no inspections done following issuance of the water that she is aware of for the apparatuses.

Councilman Blair stated that this is a great opportunity particularly because 90% of everything goes back to treatment plant and there is very little loss and he is happy that a business is opening up on the north side of town. This is all positive for Prescott.

Mayor Pro Tem Orr echoed Councilman Blair’s comments. This is a very efficient system and she is happy to see it.

Councilman Goode commended that a highly efficient operation like this is valuable, and he hopes that we can capture some of the commuters using the new location for some TPT revenue.

MOVER:Steve Blair, Councilman
SECONDER:Billie Orr, Mayor Pro Tem
AYES:Greg Mengarelli, Billie Orr, Steve Blair, Phil Goode, Cathey Rusing, Alexa Scholl, Steve Sischka