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Recommended Action: This item is for presentation only. No formal action will be taken.



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This item is to discuss and determine the Council’s support for or opposition to various bills relative to the previously adopted policy objectives guiding City activity for the 2020 State of Arizona Legislative Session.



Meeting History

Feb 25, 2020 3:00 PM  City Council Voting Meeting
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Assistant to the City Manager Tyler Goodman provided a presentation to Council with an update on the ongoing Legislative Session which we are approximately halfway through at this time. This week is cross-over week and there are a lot of bills on the floor for debate to be moved forward. .

HB2843 came up just this week and is proposed legislation that impacts sober living homes reducing the registration cost and frequency and limiting DHS's abilities to address issues. Passed out of committee and is awaiting rules.

Councilman Sishka asked where Representatives Campbell and Pierce steed on this.

Mr. Goodman said that he would find that out.

Mayor Pro Tem Orr commented that this is exactly what local jurisdictions were concerned about when the state took things over.

Councilmember Rusing provided an update regarding HB2284 and the involvement she has had at the legislature in moving this forward and the opportunity to establish a regional park in Yavapai County. Asking for reinvestment into our community to increase our sales tax base with eco-tourism funds, and the city has $1.8 million in open space funding that could potentially be applied toward this and will be discussed at a future meeting.

Councilman Goode expressed his concerns regarding HB2843 and the fact that it reduces regulations. We need to keep high visibility on this and forward our concerns onto Barry Aarons.

Mr. Goodman concurred.

Mayor Mengarelli echoed Councilman Goode’s comments.

This item was for presentation only. No formal action was taken.