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Approval of the Granite Creek Corridor Master Plan


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Recommended Action: MOVE to approve the Granite Creek Corridor Master Plan




In 2018, discussions began among interested citizens, business, and staff regarding the use, safety, appeal, and water/riparian quality and health of the Granite Creek Corridor. It was determined the best step would be to create a comprehensive plan with scientific data and public input. Grant funding was received planning began in late 2018 with funding from the Arizona Water Protection Fund in the amount of $79,401. Three public meetings were held and a public survey was distributed resulting in over 600 responses, which were taken into account as part of the findings and recommendations.


Item Summary


This item is for the approval of the Granite Creek Corridor Master Plan. This plan summarizes the findings, recommendations, and items for consideration as the City moves forward towards implementation.


Financial Impact


The Master Plan itself was paid for by grant money and the approval of the plan does not create an obligation to fund any portion of the recommendations. However, overall costs to implement all recommendations are estimated at $1,755,143. To accomplish this in phases, staff will be seeking grant funding, which will be brought back to the Council for approval before pursuing.


Meeting History

Feb 25, 2020 3:00 PM  City Council Voting Meeting
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Assistant to the City Manager Tyler Goodman provided a presentation to Council regarding the Granite Creek Corridor Master Plan that has been in the works for 18 months. He thanked Allen Hayden and his team at Natural Channel Design, Kristy Everson and Joe Baynes for their work.


* Began discussions in 2018 with interested parties

* Received an AZ Water protection Fund Grant and hired Natural Channel Design ($80k)

* Performed scientific research and analysis on the corridor and began work on master plan

* Hosted three public meetings, received 600 comments from the public, gave updates and finalized results

Description of Area:

* An approximately 1 mile long, 70 ft wide corridor of Granite Creek that begins at Aubrey Street and ends in Granite Creek Park at Montezuma Street. The reach includes a narrow riparian area, which is unique in that it exists within a rapidly growing urban setting. Includes a busy urban trail that allows access to green space but also connects to Granite Creek Park, the downtown area and surrounding residential areas.


* Restore the beauty and native landscape of the corridor to improve riparian habitat and water quality

* Improve the usability of the trail, allowing greater access and safety

* Improve opportunities for interpretation of Prescott history and resources

* Reduce the risk of flood conditions for the properties along the creek


* Utilize data to determine deficiencies in habitat and function

* Develop conceptual plans for improvement of riparian and stream function

* Conduct a series of public open houses and comment periods to receive public input

* Use input from the public forums to finalize a Master Plan

Key Takeaways:

* Executive Summary

* Natural Corridor - retain sense of natural setting that is a part from the highly urbanized landscape

* Amenities - improve access to trails at all cross streets; increase connectivity to other trails and places of interest and add signage

* Safety - improve sense of safety primarily through added lighting and improved sight lines

Cost Estimates:

* Total estimated cost to incorporate all improvements is $1,755,143

Implementation Strategy:

* Identify Funding Sources - goal is to obtain grants which may include matching requirements

* Coordinate with affected neighboring properties

* Develop preliminary plans considering the Clean Water Act and 404 permit

* Finalize design plans and specifications

* Go out to bids and issue contracts

* Perform Construction - clear vegetation, construct channel stabilization, construct peripheral projects (trail, drainage, utilities, lighting, walls, etc)

* Monitor and evaluate project effectiveness

* Repeat as needed

Priority Recommendations:

* Add grade control

* Protect retaining walls

* Remove Siberian elm and tree of heaven and clear overly dense vegetation..

Next Steps:

* Follow up survey

* Results to be compiled and presented in final report to AZ Water Protection Fund

* Grant funding will be pursued from various sources

Mayor Mengarelli thanked Mr. Goodman and members of the community for their participation on this project. There are so many ways that this will impact the community and the area in a positive way.

Mayor Pro Tem Orr commented that she appreciates the work that has gone into this and sees how much progress has already been made. This is an asset that has not been tapped by the community, will be safer and more beautiful and ties in with the Hilton Garden Inn. She feels we need to put our full effort in this.

Mr. Goodman commented that the next cleanup date will be April 18th.

Councilwoman Scholl commented that Mr. Goodman presented the Master Plan to the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board last week and it was well received. She thanked staff for their work and commented that this ties in so well with all of the other enhancements happening downtown.

Councilmember Rusing stated that she has always considered the area a hidden gem and it will be anchored by the Hilton Garden Inn and should be included in our Tourism Marketing when it is completed.

Councilman Sischka asked what the feedback has been from businesses along the corridor and if they may have plans for expansion to tie in with all of this.

Mr. Goodman commented that overall everyone has loved the ideas and they are happy to have more want to have more amenities along that area.

Councilman Blair pointed out the many volunteers that have been involved and thanked the community for putting their heart into our city so it can thrive.

Councilman Goode commented on areas like Sioux Falls South Dakota and Sacramento who have done downtown enhancements and trail enhancements that have provided good return for their communities and having something like that here will be very valuable. He expressed the need to phase the various aspects of the projects to keep funding in mind.

Recreation Services Director Joe Baynes discussed the walk through with State Parks that took place a few weeks ago and commented that there are a great deal of grant funds available which staff will pursue and likely receive some of. He also stated that in-kind services could be used toward any potential matches that the city would have to make.

MOVER:Alexa Scholl, Councilwoman
SECONDER:Steve Sischka, Councilman
AYES:Greg Mengarelli, Billie Orr, Steve Blair, Phil Goode, Cathey Rusing, Alexa Scholl, Steve Sischka